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Founded in 2016, Quispamsis-based The Smart Energy Company (TSEC) is helping Atlantic Canada’s businesses create pathways to a carbon-neutral future through innovative renewable energy solutions.

In June, NB Power announced it had selected TSEC to help with the building of a new 1.63 megawatt (MW) solar farm in Shediac, New Brunswick. “The solar farm is the first of its kind in the province and an important part of the larger Smart Grid Atlantic smart and renewable energy research program being run by NB Power, Siemens Canada, and Nova Scotia Power,” noted the utility in a press release.

“We are thrilled to have NB Power recognize our solution, the NOREASTER ®, as the perfect fit for this project,” notes Jeff McAloon Chief Revenue Officer. “It’s a made-in-New Brunswick solution specifically designed to deal with the harsh Canadian climate. We think it’s fantastic that NB Power is eager to support a local startup like ours offering a solution designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in New Brunswick.”

Energy Innovation in New Brunswick

McAloon says it’s impossible to overstate how important the Shediac project is for the company. “We’ve been at this for five years, and we’ve already done about 50 per cent of the commercial solar projects in the province. We’re still a young company, however, so from a credibility standpoint this is tremendous. After five years of research and development, to have a major player like NB Power recognize our solution is truly a watershed moment for us.”

He says projects of this scale also help demonstrate to the rest of the country and beyond that New Brunswick is fully embracing innovative energy solutions. “Solar has been around a long time, and Atlantic Canada has not been as quick to fully adopt it as other regions. Having the province’s primary utility show that they see a future in it, so much so that they will invest in it with projects like the Shediac farm, sends a powerful message. That message is that yes, solar is viable, proven, and can succeed in Atlantic Canada. And we can build it here too.”

Looking to the Future

McAloon says TSEC now has support outside the province and is excited about exporting their solutions beyond New Brunswick. “We have interest now from Export Development Canada (EDC), which see this as a showcase project for other large-scale utilities, and a chance us to export our product to other provinces, the US, and abroad. It’s purpose-built to stand up to climates around the world, places that are susceptible to high winds, fog, and harsh winter conditions.”

He says myths remain about solar energy and its efficacy, but projects like the Shediac Community Solar Farm, and their growing list of other solar energy projects, can and are busting those myths. “I think more and more, the public is recognizing that solar works, and it’s great to see both NB Power and the province of New Brunswick embracing it.”

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Looking to make your own connection to a provincial organization like NB Power? The New Brunswick First Procurement Strategy is a procurement strategy that ensures that goods, services, and construction services required by the government are procured from New Brunswick suppliers wherever possible while respecting trade agreements. Learn more here.