Cade Libby is a graduate from the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Forestry (Class of 1999). After graduation, Cade was employed by the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and worked within the department for the next 17 years. During this time, Cade held a variety of positions including manager and director roles. He also received Lean Six Sigma black belt training during this timeframe.

Cade joined the Regional Development Corporation in early 2017, where he held the positions of director and then Vice-President of the Development Division. In November 2019, Cade was appointed as Acting President of the Regional Development Corporation and Acting Deputy Minister of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. In September 2020, Cade was appointed as President of the Regional Development Corporation, Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs (now known as the Department of Indigenous Affairs)  and Deputy Minister of the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs which includes Francophonie and Official Languages.

Cade was also Deputy Minister of Environment & Climate Change for approximately 2 years during this time. Cade and his wife Jayne live in Waasis, New Brunswick and have two children (Austen and Summer). Cade enjoys spending his free time in the great outdoors.