Mohammed Mohiuddin joined ONB in January 2018 in the role of Student Project Manager. Before moving to Fredericton, Mohammed worked as a Quality Control Specialist at Amazon. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and contributed to the design of a rocket at Defence Research & Development Organization of India.

In his current role, Mohammed performs a variety of functions including the creation of Gantt Charts and schedules in PIAB Planner, reviewing and editing charters, building visuals in Excel for ‘Lync & Learn’ sessions, and improving the integrity of our CRM data.

“I am proud to have the opportunity to live in New Brunswick where people genuinely help one other. I love the way people smile at me when I walk the streets, as if they know me — it makes my day. There are many opportunities here; I got my first job just three days after landing in New Brunswick, it simply depends how well you prepare.”