The NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) is North America’s biggest home building trade show. Opportunities NB (ONB) was proud to accompany several New Brunswick-based companies once again to this year’s event in Las Vegas for three days of networking and trendspotting.

Bathurst’s ThermalWood Canada has attended the event seven times and considers it a great opportunity to connect with potential partners and clients in the United States.

Bob Lennon, President & International Marketing & Sales Director, says accompanying ONB and the regional delegation to the show is an incredible opportunity to connect with other local entrepreneurs. “It’s a great chance to network with other businesses from right here in New Brunswick,” he says. “We connected with five companies from this region that had not previously been on our radar – all interested in doing business with us.” He says ONB representatives also acted as lead generators while in Las Vegas, looking out for opportunities to connect him with customers on the show floor.

Market intelligence and networking is what it’s all about

Lennon says IBS is an excellent way to gauge the marketplace and its acceptance of innovative products like those offered by ThermalWood. “When we first attended there were two operators here with thermally modified wood products, this year all our competitors were there, and the booths are getting larger. This shows the market has fully embraced our products.”

With competition present, Lennon says this year’s event was an opportune time to walk the show floor rather than work a booth. “Had we brought a booth I may not have had the chance to visit with potential new clients,” he says. “All our competitors were exhibiting similar products, so I managed to visit with people that may not have managed to make it to our booth. It’s a great place to get much-needed exposure, meet partners and customers you may not have previously considered, and pass out a lot of business cards.”

ThermalWood Canada offers high-quality thermally modified wood products for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Learn more at or email them at

Join us next year (February 27-29)

The Atlantic Canada delegation has already reserved space for the 2024 edition of IBS, and recruitment has begun. It is not too early to become a part of this great event and ONB is here to help. This year’s show saw the largest Atlantic Canadian delegation to date and interest is already picking up for next year.

Interested in attending next year’s event? Contact your Business Development Executive or reach out to ONB’s Domenico Baiocchi directly. Remember, what happens in Vegas…could be huge for your business!