The old ways of marketing and selling need to change. Today, more organizations use thought leadership to connect with their clients. But what is thought leadership, anyway? And how can you use it to generate demand, expand relationships with current clients, and grow your business?

There’s a formula for thought leadership, just as there’s a formula to combine sodium and chlorine to make table salt. For the past twenty years, Peter Winick and Bill Sherman of Thought Leadership Leverage have worked alongside hundreds of thought leadership practitioners — both individuals and organizations.

Fortunately for us, the Thought Leadership Leverage team have agreed to share the valuable insights they have gathered over the years with export-mature New Brunswick-based companies and their marketing teams in a free 5-episode workshop.


The first episode will lay the foundations of thought leadership and explore how to leverage it to differentiate your organization and drive revenue. The following workshops will provide more in-depth information on the tools to develop your company’s thought leadership to achieve visible results.

  • Episode #1: The Four Elements for Advancing Thought Leadership* – Tuesday, April 25
  • Episode #2: Repurposing With Purpose – Tuesday, May 9
  • Episode #3: How Ideas Reach Scale – Thursday, May 11
  • Episode #4: Building Relationships Through Thought Leadership – Tuesday, May 16
  • Episode #5: Thought Leadership Canvas – Wednesday, May 17

The training sessions will take place virtually via Zoom at no cost. Participants will receive an invitation for each session by email upon registration. Episode #1 will start at 1:30 pm (ADT) and will be recorded. Episodes #2, #3, #4, and #5 will begin at 12:00 pm (ADT). All the sessions will last for about 60-90 minutes to give participants a reasonable time to ask questions at the end of the session.

Please note that this workshop is offered primarily in English. However, real-time translation will be available to participants wishing to receive the training in French.