“We were in Vegas for a convention, and that’s where we met our first significant client, Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey’s production company. Bringing them on board helped establish us early on,” says Mitch Manuel, President and CEO of Dieppe-based Vimsoft. “From there, we were able to meet with CBC in Toronto and closed that sale in 2006. We’ve since continued to advance our product and land major clients across the world, and nearly every cent we’ve made has been reinvested in the business.”

Launched in 2004, Vimsoft has become the resource management partner of choice for several notable clients in the broadcasting industry. Public broadcasters across Europe have become a major source of income for Vimsoft, with Sveriges Television (SVT) and Denmark’s Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) among the most notable. More recently, Norway’s Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) became what Manuel says is the biggest sale in his company’s history. “Norway bought the entire VimBiz suite to run their operations and streamline their workflows. It was a long sales cycle, but we are thrilled to be working with them.”

In Search of Top Talent

Vimsoft’s broadcasting clients now include well-known brands like NBC Universal, CNBC, PBS, Major League Baseball, Bell Media, and more. Despite working with high-profile clients in multiple countries, however, Manuel says the company remains a bit of a well-kept New Brunswick secret. “Our clients are outside the province, so we haven’t spent much time marketing ourselves to New Brunswickers,” he says. “That needs to change because our biggest growth challenge right now is finding the talent we need to service our client base.”

He says while software-focused positions will always be needed, product specialists are the most difficult roles to fill. “It’s those customer-facing roles that are crucial. We’re looking for people that can become consultants and product experts, helping these major broadcasters fully leverage the value of our products.”

Focus on Culture

Manuel says Vimsoft has worked hard in recent years to create a welcoming company culture, not only for existing employees but for prospective ones. “We built our own facility, a nice 15,000 sq ft building, with an eye towards creating a great place to come to work in. We know great talent has options, and we want people to know when they work for Vimsoft they’re working in a state-of-the-art facility – great workspaces, comfortable break rooms, etc.”

He says the company is focused on finding great talent that hopes to remain with the company for the long haul. “This is a company you can build a real career with. Our clients are committed, they’re in it for the long term, so there’s stability there. We have low attrition with clients, they’ve made a big commitment. They’re not just buying software; they’re committing to doing business in a different way. They aren’t walking away after a few months.”

Vimsoft’s product specialists can likely expect some international travel as well. “We know people want work-life balance, and we respect that. I feel we strike a pretty good balance between working remotely with clients in the US and Europe and giving those clients the in-person face time they need when and if it’s required. These are large organizations; they will pay to have our team on-site to help them with our tools. This is a great opportunity to work with well-known broadcasters, establish a long-term career in New Brunswick, and maybe see a bit of the world in the process.”

Vimsoft’s flagship product is a Resource Management Software called Vimbiz, the only broadcasting-focused software application that effectively integrates engineering workflows such as asset and service management with operations workflows like rentals and production scheduling. Learn more at https://vimbiz.com or visit their careers page at https://vimbiz.com/careers.

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