Cybersecurity is the fastest growing business risk and opportunity for companies today, with significant educational, governmental and economic implications. In Canada, the Province of New Brunswick has been working to develop both human and physical resources to help mitigate today’s cyber threats.

From being home to the first university to offer courses in Computer Science – UNB – to recently being named the Startup Capital of Canada, the city of Fredericton and New Brunswick have taken a national leadership role in this area. This forward-thinking province has been quietly working towards an ecosystem prime for economic, educational and commercial growth in cybersecurity. Most recently, the government announced the launch of Cyber Essentials Canada, a certification standard and best practice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the video below, Opportunities NB CEO Stephen Lund discusses the educational and business environments unique to this province that have contributed to its leadership in the cybersecurity space.

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Written by Heather MacLean