Moncton’s VidCruiter has revolutionized the hiring process with its cutting-edge video recruitment platform. The company streamlines hiring via customizable, intuitive solutions that save recruiters time and enhance candidate experiences. VidCruiter solutions help companies efficiently manage every stage of their hiring journey, from sourcing to onboarding.

Greener recruitment and onboarding

Sustainability initiatives aren’t only for companies in the manufacturing and energy spaces, they extend to ICT and digital companies. VidCruiter is not only reducing administrative burdens for companies, but it also helps clients green their operations. CEO Sean Fahey says VidCruiter’s real sustainability impact is realized through his clients’ operations.

“We’re a paperless company; everything is done digitally, and we have moved to an almost entirely work-from-home workforce. Most of our team is not commuting, so our carbon footprint is quite minimal,” notes Fahey. “Our solutions help clients go digital themselves. We’ve eliminated the need to print anything, be it resumes, cover letters, or anything else recruitment related. We’re reducing resource consumption and waste generation throughout the entire hiring process.”

He notes VidCruiter’s work with its first government client, Environment Canada in 2017 as a textbook example of the company’s sustainability value. “Environment Canada was doing a large recruitment drive where they would need to check roughly 7,000 candidate references in one week. Normally that would have created about 50,000 pages of printed documents. We digitized that entire process and reduced printed pages from 50,000 to zero. For perspective, that’s just one project for one week of work at one large client.”

Taking travel out of the equation

While its hiring products help digitize clients’ hiring processes, VidCruiter’s suite of interviewing products has reduced the need for both recruiters and candidates to travel for interviews. “Although Zoom and Teams are commonly used now, our solutions were ahead of the curve when we launched in 2012. From day one, we touted the benefits of being able to conduct quality, secure interviews using our platform, dramatically reducing travel costs, and thus emissions, for both the client and the candidate,” says Fahey. “And while video conferencing became more normalized during the pandemic, it did not hurt our growth; we went from 40 employees to 200.”

He says the company’s eco-friendly products have opened doors in both the public and private sectors as governments and companies look to green solutions. “We have gained access to more clients and markets due to the sustainability of our products. Sustainability is a major concern for more and more of our customers, and they are actively seeking vendors who share their environmental values. Our success with Environment Canada led us into hundreds of government departments within Canada, the U.S., and Australia.”

A conscious effort towards sustainability

Fahey says he hopes to see more New Brunswick businesses green their operations through software solutions. “We probably have 100 different software packages helping run our business. All of it contributes to our efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. Certainly, I think more of our manufacturers can continue to seek out new green technologies,” he says. “I know it can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. I think more businesses should spend time on this topic, gather your team and solicit ideas. Staff can bring great ideas to the table in terms of sustainability; it’s an important concern for many people. Taking even a small amount of time to get input from your team regarding sustainability could have a major positive impact on your business.”

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