Climate change is a chief concern among businesses and industries worldwide due to climate-related disruptions to business operations, property, supply chains, and infrastructure. As part of its commitment to grow economic opportunities in a low-carbon world, the Government of New Brunswick is supporting a culture of innovation to pursue economic opportunities presented by the changing climate, exploring how to transition our workforce towards that low-carbon reality, and attracting more low-carbon investments.

Our decarbonization efforts have the potential to position the province and its economy to attract new, clean, and green investments while also creating meaningful opportunities for New Brunswick businesses. Coordination and collaboration will be key to unlocking this opportunity.

A Networking Opportunity Arrives

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), in partnership with Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB), are bringing together academics, SMEs, and government stakeholders at this year’s R3 Connecting for Climate Innovation Forum on February 23rd at the Fredericton Convention Centre.

Innovation is at the heart of how New Brunswick’s industries are meeting the challenges and realizing the opportunities posed by climate change. Via a jam-packed afternoon of programming including a keynote address from Phil De Luna, a student poster competition, and several panel sessions with cleantech experts; R3 aims to strengthen the linkages amongst key players instrumental in ensuring our industries meet the challenges of the climate crisis and realize the opportunities for in the low-carbon economy.

“Researchers frequently ask me about finding an industry partner to work with, this is that opportunity,” notes Paul Thornton, NBIF’s Senior Commercialization Officer. “That goes both ways too, this is the forum for any business looking to find the academics that can help them solve their current climate-related challenges.” He says the resources and connections are already in the province, but not every business is making the best use of them – R3 aims to close that gap.

Getting Serious About Sustainability

“Many businesses now are having the conversation about how exactly they become greener and more sustainable,” says Thornton. “Much of that conversation is still about the barriers, how to get started, how to ensure you’re not wasting time and money in the process. R3 tackles that head-on, we understand companies want to do it right and see a real return.”

To that end, breakout sessions at the R3 Forum include “Going Green – Where to start?” which will include thoughts from Green Economy New Brunswick (GENB), which guides organizations through their sustainability journey. Check out ONB’s 2021 feature on GENB here.

Join us along with NBIF on February 23 in Fredericton

ONB is a proud supporter of this year’s R3 Forum. Our organization will continue to leverage federal and provincial climate change funding to advance multiple sustainability initiatives. Climate research and cleantech innovation have a bright future in New Brunswick, and R3 is an excellent way to get involved if you aren’t already. Register for this fast-approaching event at the link below. If you are a New Brunswick-based business beginning your own sustainability journey, connect with ONB at any time. Our team is ready to help.

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