While working with clients, we hear so many great stories! From companies developing one-off and world-class products, to being the world leader in their field, New Brunswickers and New Brunswick companies have a lot to be proud of. As New Brunswickers though, we are often too modest in celebrating our successes and acknowledging that we are world-class. Being #NBProud is all about showcasing you! It’s not about us. Our role is simply to help get the message out.

On this page you can learn about some great New Brunswick companies and great people. We know that there are many more great stories out there.

Read more about 2016 Export Awards Winners (Leading Edge Geomatics, Approach Navigation Systems, Corey Nutrition Co., Systemair, Cooke Aquaculture) and 2016 KIRA Awards Winners (Eigen Innovations, Réseau de santé Horizon – TéléAVC, Keith McIntosh, Malley Industries, Mycodev Group, Groupe Savoie).

Premier Gallant’s Innovation Speech about being #NBproud.

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If you have a story that you want to share, we would love to hear about it. It might result in a blog post, maybe inclusion in an upcoming video. Record a quick video (1 minute or less) saying your name, where you work and why you are #NBProud and send it to us.

Goji's Frozen Yogurt #NBProud videoJanette Zacharias, Co-Founder of Goji’s Frozen Yogurt, is #NBProud!



West-Wood Industries LTD / Norwood Windows And Doors #NBProud videoWest-Wood Industries LTD / Norwood Windows And Doors

“At West-Wood Industries, we’re very proud of the product we produce and equally proud to be from New Brunswick. When we saw your new ad campaign, we thought it was a perfect fit for us. We appreciate our current relationship with ONB and look forward to a strong future working together! We’re #NBProud!”

While we can’t display all videos, our team will do its best to get as many as possible featured on our webpage. Those that aren’t on our webpage will be featured on our YouTube Channel. Please be sure that your video is less than 2 MB.

(To be considered you must be from New Brunswick, but can live abroad. But wait, you don’t have to be originally from New Brunswick! Maybe you chose to live in New Brunswick and work for a New Brunswick company or organization, we would love to hear from you. Videos can be in English, French or bilingual. All videos must be in good taste).